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I think Golden Retrievers are the best dog in the world, but they are not for everyone! Golden Retrievers are exceptionally good looking, just have a look at the photos below, they are fantastic with children and other animals, they’re loyal, biddable and love to please their owners. They have wonderful mischievous personalities and love to play. They are highly intelligent and can be easily trained, excelling in all dog sports and as well as being used as assistance dogs. What is there not to like? But before getting a Golden Retriever there are a few things to consider to see if a Golden Retriever is the right match for your family. Click on the links below to learn more about the golden retriever.

Big Dog

They are a big dog and with that happy, swishing tail that is just coffee table height they can seem a lot bigger. Learn more

Love Water

Golden Retrievers love the outdoors and love to swim regardless of the weather and the cleanliness of the water. Learn more

Hunting Dog

Goldens were bred to retrieve game and hunt in the fields all day. They need both mental and physical activities. Learn more

Goldens SHEDD!

Goldens are known for their beautiful, fluffy golden coats. However, thanks to that coat you will almost always have a thin layer “fur-fetti” all over your house. Learn more

Social Dog

If you are looking for a dog that you can stick in the backyard to entertain themselves or leave at home while you go have a fun day out on the town, a golden might not be the dog for you. Learn more

Active Dog

Golden retrievers need exercise and they are not a breed that will exercsie themselves. If you are too busy to spend time exercsing your dog then a golden isn’t the right breed for you. Learn more

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