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Golden retrievers have been an integral part of our family since 1998. 


Golden retrievers are intelligent dogs that enjoy training. Love your dog – Train Your dog.


We have puppies occasionally. Our dogs reflect the hard work, attention & expertise we bring to breeding.

About Us

Our aim is to breed a correctly structured dog who is athletic, balanced and able to work. Accompanying a sound body is intelligence and a desire to work. While trying to breed soundness, we have not sacrificed the beauty, kindness and friendliness of a proper Golden Retriever. These are not just great dogs – they’re also beautiful, kind friendly & confident.

We pour our hearts into raising well-adjusted healthy puppies. Our rearing and socialisation program is based on Suzanne Clothier’s Enriched Puppy Protocol (EPP) 

do you want A golden retriever

I think Golden Retrievers are the best dog in the world, but they are not for everyone! If you are looking for a low maintenance dog that is just going to sleep all day don’t even think about getting a Golden Retriever.


do you want a large dog


do you want a shedding dog


do you want an active dog

about puppies

Puppies can be adorable, irresistable bundles of fun. However, growing puppies also need a lot of time, patience and a structured routine, which can be tough if your life is a busy one. 

Before getting a golden retriever puppy, make sure they are the right breed for you and you have the time to care for them

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