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Love your dog – train your dog

Goldens are intelligent dogs. If you do not keep their minds as well as their bodies active they will find their own things to do (usually described as misbehaviour). I recommend training for all dogs.

I am a certified dog trainer and owner of Petigree Dog Training where we provide dog training for puppies & adult dogs.

Our training methods rely on respect, clear communication and generous rewards that all work together to create a mutually enjoyable way to live with and enjoy dogs, whatever your goals.

The new puppy! now what ebook


This is a great introduction to training and a great assistance to those needing up to the minute, effective training information for a new arrival in the home.


Whether you have a newly adopted dog, a brand new pup, a challenging adolescent dog, this ebook can be helpful.


Topics covered include, Socialising your Pup, Early Training, House Training, Teaching not to Bite, Preventing Stealing and Food Guarding, Digging and Jumping Up, Diet and Behaviour, and Building Confidence


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aneiraby golden retrievers

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