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Carla O’Donnell

Welcome & Congratulations on your new Puppy!

Now that you have welcomed your new family member home, let’s help you and your playful bundle of joy start off on the right paw. This forum aims to assist you in becoming a knowledgeable puppy parent and guide you in raising a well-balanced, confident puppy. We address common puppy-raising questions and provide advice on important topics such as where your puppy should sleep at night, establishing rules and routines, socialisation and what to feed them. 

Socialisation and its importance

Enjoy your new family member

and these whirlwind puppy days.. they grow up way to fast

Your puppy’s diet & weight

How should I feed my puppy? What is a healthy weight? Dangerous foods for your puppy

It's Never Too Early. Ready to Start Setting the Rules?

Take our puppy start right online course and join us at the GRCWA Drop-in training classes. With the help of a good trainier you can give your puppy all the tools it needs to grow into a confident and well-behaved dog.

Remember to take it slow

From the moment your puppy enters your life, you embark on a daily journey of teaching and discovering together. The initial days are filled with excitement, as everyone revels in the joy of getting acquainted with each other. It truly is a unique and precious time! Your puppy, being young and vulnerable, seeks nothing more than your affection and undivided attention. Above all, what your puppy craves is stability, safety, and a consistent routine. While it’s understandable to want to introduce your new family member to extended family and friends, it’s important to take it slow during the first few days. Allow your puppy to settle in with you first, fostering a bond based on trust and ensuring their comfort and security, before exposing them to too many new experiences or inviting guests over.

Puppy proof your home

Puppies like to investigate and explore. They learn primarily through discovering new things with their mouths. They have no concept of what is dangerous and are very inquisitive, just like a crawling baby or toddler.

Puppy's first night

After all the excitement of the first day, your puppy will be exhausted and will need a good rest. However, remember that he will be away from his mum and littermates for the first time and might become restless at night.

Setting the Rules

Make sure you set clear rules around your new puppy. That way everybody involved in raising the puppy will know exactly what your puppy is allowed to do. Clear rules that are reinforced by everyone will help your puppy to learn faster and avoid getting confused.


Once your puppy has settled in with you, we recommened visiting you vet for a comprehensive check-up. During this initial visit, you can address any concerns or issues you may have, while also ensuring your puppy’s weight, overall health, and vaccination papers are in order.

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."

Suzanne Clothier

"Work is not always required. There is such a thing as sacred idleness.”

George MacDonald

Ahh… sacred idleness. A quality too often overlooked by many dog lovers.

"The greatest gift we can give our dogs is our presence"

Suzanne Clothier

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