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love water

is a golden retriever right for you?

love water

Goldens love water

Goldens love water, whether it be their own water bucket, a puddle, the river, lake, pond or ocean. If it’s wet, they will be part of it! 

Swimming is one of the activities that goldens really enjoy. They don’t care if they go swimming on a beautiful summer day or in the middle of winter or if the water is clean or dirty they will always jump in. If you want a spotless home and clean car then a golden isn’t for you.


do you want a spotless house?

Goldens love the outdoors especially when its muddy and wet so on occasion don’t be surprised to find dirty wet muddy paw prints in the house. If you love a squeaky-clean spotless house, you will have your work cut out for you and this is something to keep in mind.

goldens are NOT for the fastidiously clean

they like to play in their water bowls

they love muddy puddles has much as clean water

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