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If you have decided that a Golden Retriever is right for you, have patience. Don't purchase impulsively you might have to wait around 12 months for a healthy well bred puppy. Please purchase your Golden Retriever Puppy from a Breeder registered with an Australian National Kennel Council member body (such as DogsWest, Dogs NSW etc), to ensure all health tests have been done and that you are not contributing to the number of unwanted dogs that are filling rescue organisations and pounds. A registered breeder should be able to show you a membership card with their name, their prefix and a membership number on it. 
The Golden Retriever is a popular breed and some people, hoping to make a profit may breed with their Golden Retriever without thought to maintaining the breed’s excellent temperament and attributes.  There are unethical breeders in the market so please read our responsible breeding article and puppy buyer's guide before purchasing a puppy and you'll be on the right track to taking home a healthy, well-adjusted puppy and you'll also be helping to prevent the sales of puppies from puppy farms or unethical breeders. 
Raising a puppy is rewarding, yet at times frustrating. So, if you need more help purchase the New Puppy! Now What? Guidebook written by certified professional dog trainer Carla O'Donnell and you will learn all you need to care for a puppy and set up you and your new puppy for success to live happily in our human world.
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About Golden Retrievers

Is a Golden Retriever Right for you?

It’s no surprise that I, think Golden Retrievers are just about the best breed ever, but they are not for everyone! Please read our About Golden Retrievers article before getting a Golden Retriever as there are a few things to consider to see if a Golden Retriever is the right match for your family.

Member: The Golden Retriever Club of WA & The Golden Retriever Club (UK).