Kinvie & Filip Puppies: Six Weeks Old


The puppies have had a fun week. We have had grooming, lots of handling, collars on, constant changing of room layout, new toys (enjoyed by the adults just as much as by the puppies), new people, strange noises and a little bit of practice on position changes sit/down/stand. It's a challenge to keep moving things around in a given space to avoid habituated movement and to encourage new combinations of movement and negotiation. It can make for an awkward weird room for the humans, but it does wonders for the coordination, balance, executive planning, eyesight and problem solving. 

It's wonderful watching puppies playing. I keep presenting them with new challenges and they give it a go. Endlessly fascinating to watch how they work out all kinds of combinations of things to do.

And as always Kinvie continues to educate her kids in clear kind ways. I am so grateful for a wonderful mum to her pups.

A tiring week - well at least for the humans involved. Puppies recharge fast.



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