Electra & Ringo Pups: Four Weeks old

The weekly mug shots - four weeks old.

Lots of changes this week: pups can now carry something while walking. Can now bat at a ball as big as they are! can drink water without blowing bubbles (but the bowl is still a a good place to put your feet).

The behaviours we have acquired since last week: Barking. Growling. Play bows, take downs, first galloping steps. Eye contact, running towards our voices, eating from little bowls. And so much more.

Pretty damn impressive for 28 days old, especially since eyesight has only been on board for about 17 days, and hearing only for about a week. As you can see, they are fearless, curious, connected, interactive.

Love these puppies!

Once again a huge thank you to the talented Megan Casas of Images by Megan for the mug shots




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